We have expanded to be one of the largest refrigerated warehouse
   companies that guarantee the top quality of frozen fruits and vegetables
    in Alexandria.

     Throughout the years E.A has been an innovator not only on the freezing and cooling storages but also by adding
     a new humongous sector of manufacturing and blanching.

     Took on the demands of storing perishable food and soon realized the increased challenge and complexity of operating
     temperature controlled storage facilities plus knowing the health importance and that Temperature Influences Product
     Quality of Frozen Vegetables ( Even in subfreezing temperatures, a few degrees difference can alter the time
     that vegetables will retain their vitamin content ).


     1. The land of Pharaohs EGYPT, the fertile land with a suitable nice weather 12 months per year as its unique
          geographic location.
     2. The unique location of our manufacturer where it's located in the middle of infinite square-meter farms
          where the vegetables are peeled, washed, blanched and dried in no time, with each stage of the dehydration process
          closely assessed for quality. Not only that! , But also located above a 4000 ton E.A refrigerated warehouses
          where we prevent any lack of time for storing the products.
     3. From the very beginning up till the end, we never miss a step or even a task.
     4. Providing dedication and commitment that is unrivaled in the industry.
     5. The quality of our dehydrated vegetables is the key to our success and we pay great attention to all aspects
          of the supply chain. Monitoring of the product begins at the vegetable growing stage, including the vegetable seed
          used, specification of fertilizers and chemicals applied in the field, harvesting and the delivery of the vegetables
          to our premises.
     6. Many selections are classified as being better for your products. These maximize the nutritious quality of our
          selections with delivering the great taste and performance that meet the consumers' expectations.
     7. Buy it Frozen, Know it’s Fresh
          Being fresh frozen is an additional advantage of our product line. Freezing better preserves nutrient value,
          frozen food is safer than fresh or chilled, and frozen food produces less waste – so more of our food can feed
          people rather than landfills.
     8. Establishing strong relationships with hundreds of carriers and supply chain oriented solution providers.
     9. Options of picking and assembling if required.
     10.Our goal is to be rated "The Best" by every customer, employee & vendor we engage with.
     11.Adopted a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach to identify all potential hazards and control
          them before they result in problems.
     12.The company has grown over the decades to become a global powerhouse in the frozen food industry.

     We would consolidate our old markets and penetrate the new markets for us with our high quality products
     and outstanding services.
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