And Today with ISO 22000 2005 and HACCP certificates we are considered
  one of the best global refrigerated warehouse companies specialized
  in IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) fruits and vegetables.

   HACCP is a pro-active process control system by which food quality is
   ensured. This system has been adopted by many countries around the
   world and is mandatory in some countries.
   Acumen's experts are able to assist companies design and implement
   HACCP systems as well as provide training for their staff.
   The HACCP process consists of :

   - Hazard Analysis.
   - Identifying Critical Control Points (CCP).
   - Establishing Critical Limits for each CCP.
   - Monitoring CCP requirements and using the data gathered to
     effectively control processes.
   - Corrective Action.
   - Record keeping.
   - Verification.
   The ISO 22000 2005 standards (Quality Assurance) provide an excellent framework for the inclusion of the HACCP
   principles and an ongoing basis for continual improvement. Monitoring, corrective actions, recording keeping and
   verification requirements are already contained within ISO 22000 2005. Adding hazard analysis and CCP's to the quality    system is relatively simple.

   WHAT are ISO 22000/2005?
   Constantly developing and improving all the tests and processes covering
   the whole spectrum of activity, from the primary sector till the end
   consumer, showing respect to man and his/her health, to quality and the
   environment, the management of General Frozen Foods S.A, has decided
   to upgrade the Quality Assurance System from EN ISO 9002/94 to
   EN ISO 22000 2005, as it is described in the relevant Quality Manual
   with all the related procedures.
   Quality assurance means showing respect to quality, the processes
   involved and the product.

   How are ISO 22000/2005 Tests applied ?

   The whole production process is closely monitored, with all critical control
   points identified and all the necessary inspections and checks carried out.
   Before packaging the final product is subjected to the most rigorous
   checking process, scrutinising all the physical, chemical and micro-
   biological parameters which might affect its quality.

   General Frozen Foods products are inspected through collaboration with accredited laboratories to ensure    against :

   Pesticide residues.
   Microbiological risks.
   Genetically modified organisms.

   STORAGE ...
   Storage of products before distribution is fully regulated. Products are stored in conditions which will guarantee that
   they reach the consumer in perfect condition.

   The refrigerated vehicles used for distribution of the company's products meet all the specifications laid down in the
   quality standard.
   Quality certification means knowledge of the relevant legislation, application of the relevant laws and regulations
   and compliance with EU directives.

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