Our products can be grown and produced to specific customer requirements,
   whilst our standard vegetables and fruits range can be offered
   in a wide range of different cut-sizes to meet the needs of the industry.

      Large inventories of our popular items are available for prompt shipment from
      Alexandria, Egypt E.A warehouses, ensuring on-time delivery of our
      wholesale products.

Frozen food has established strict quality control processes which are applied across
our world-wide organization to ensure the fruits and vegetables we sell to consumers
are fresh, wholesome, nourishing and safe to eat. All of the Silva frozen food quality
          assurance programs are part of a company-wide effort to provide products of the highest quality and
          safety. Under top quality control system and contracting more and more vegetables fields and
          fruits orchards with the professional farmers, we can supply not only perfect
          quality products but also very competitive prices.




















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